23 Skiddoo: Way Back Beyond Across the Stars

It’s not just the name of my first novel, it’s the name of this site, which features all of my books. Here, synopses of each of (“THE BOOKS”) are to be found, with EXCERPTS from each of them, along with an AUTHOR’S BIO with CONTACT and book ORDERing info.

In my other works of red-pilled Magic Realism, Time Tweaking and Spyoptaelip the Cryptic, I use the pen name, “Wyman Wicket”. Why? I suppose outlandish material deserves a more outlandish author than the everyday me (although Spyoptaelip the Cryptic was “co-written” with “Jack Suss”). For my formative biography, Plight of the Cultural Mutant, I used my nickname, “Jack” Suss, as I did for my book of collected poems, Salmagundi Gallimaufry, and my three-volume, Christ-centered, political critique series entitled Soul Enticed (although Wyman Wicket wrote the Forward to the first Soul Enticed volume).

My books are for those who honor time-tested traditional values while acknowledging and appreciating the full measure of our human consciousness. This means that there is no subject or issue too far-fetched to be considered and explored. After all, once one discovers our shared conundrum (“everything we know is a lie”) we need to (re)discover the secret knowledge that is our heritage and our birthright. In order to undercut all cabalistic — Illuminati, Masonic, Jesuitical, Deep State, New World Order — schemes and conspiracies, we must expose the agendas of Luciferians and their dupes. We must take back our human dignity by preserving and protecting the liberty of our immortal souls; we must (re)discover our true planetary history, our true identities, and our legacy as soul-beings. As we do so we re-establish ourselves and our full honor as We the People, people of faith, respecters of life who revere and adore our Creator and the entirety of The Almighty’s earthly and cosmic Creation.

My writings blur the distinction between non-fiction and fiction. This is my form of (red-pilled) Magic Realism and, in truth, isn’t this the actual world condition we have come to know? With intelligence agencies having infiltrated every industry and business, entertainment and religion, using Dark Side AI technology e.g., social engineering, and mind control) we live in just such a reconstituted reality. My books work with that, kneading it like dough.

I am an author who is unafraid of the outer limits of the cabals’ misdirecting efforts, who, instead, attempts to work the brilliant intricacies and the blunt absurdities of such propaganda and illusion into a kind of pop-art, schematic relief. My goal is to redirect readers toward a spiritual renewal of truth, goodness and beauty, toward independent thought and a total liberty of the soul.

Through my (self-described) weird task ministry, I seek to provide thought-provoking ideas via the written word as images for the mind. And as readers grasp the nature and consequences of their own conditioning, old fears and anxieties dissolve; new life and energy can arise that prompts thought and action into a constructive and transcendent optimism—a Transcendence of self and knowing one’s place in a world gone amok and berserk. I hope my books allow folks to breathe again, to feel more comfortable and more able to cope in this odd place: Earth, the early 21st Century A.D. That is, readers should learn that they are not alone; they are in the company of others, both in the present and the past; connected to all who have feared the Lord, who have known humility, and yet who none-the-less act boldly, with both backbone and brotherly and sisterly compassion for other human beings and indeed, for the sake of all living things.

We often seek to “skiddoo,” to get out with all due haste; we wonder what the world might be like if we were able to “tweak” the historical timeline; and we imagine how we can best deal with the “cryptic”-and-powerful forces and myths affecting us so that we might (re)establish a just and godly society here on Earth. These threads I make available in my books, hoping the messages therein favorably impact my readers. That is my goal anyway, besides my basic goal as a writer: to tell good and interesting stories with a dash of humor.

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