This [ET inter-species cross-breeding] was done under the auspices of a certain renegade faction of Ultra, the governmental agency dedicated to enforcing the terms of our presence here. The conspirators set up shop, so to speak, in a secluded spot out west. They have been working on this project for some time, and for some time we have been surreptitiously following their ‘progress.’ The true purpose is not only to spawn a new creature, but to mutate its consciousness into some viable ‘counter-consciousness,’ one capable of being manipulated by the entity you refer to as ‘the System’.

Their rationale is to develop an anti-dote to the contagion they commonly refer to as ‘integral consciousness.’ Sadly, the object is the age-old one that has motivated humankind from the start: to control and oppress their fellow man. Although we have become weary of witnessing this ongoing and devastating hierarchical control mechanism, we are prohibited from intervening on our own initiative. However, it appears that you have unwittingly stumbled onto the scene…

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