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Ultra was on high alert. Factions from each [ET] “tribe” had succumbed to the insane aims of Project Lobster. Neither was working with the imprimatur of their respective peoples. This project was really the brainchild of top planning, who saw it as a kind of Counter-Reformation to the dawning of a new consciousness among Earthlings. Some called it “integral consciousness.” It also went by other names: 5th order consciousness, lateral thinking, etc.

But the threat was crystal clear. Unless the elite could come up with a “higher” consciousness, they were doomed to lose the control they had enjoyed since the first bonehead banded with his brothers and declared tribal unity. It was an act of desperation, really. Containment of their master plan was in serious lapse. There seemed to be no defense to the human tendency to interpolate and exploit weaknesses, even in their overall dilapidated condition. They saw it coming, with the popularization of meditation and the re-discovery of individual sovereignty. It was a contagion that had to be stopped.

Drastic, and some would say, reckless, experiments in developing a new consciousness were needed badly or there would surely be chaos and anarchy everywhere. There must be Order!—and more than just the trappings of law and order that had kept things in check since the time of Rome.




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23 Skiddoo: Way back beyond across the stars

          The old expression, “23 skidoo”—to get out with all due haste—is infused with new contextual life in this, Wyman Wicket’s debut novel. It’s Fantasy Sci-Fi and the sub-genre is Magical Realism: metapolitical non-fiction presented in the guise of a red pill, thought bomb thriller. In it, the protagonist, Nathan Sos (a scruffy, secret knowledge seeker) gets enmeshed in contending worlds, relying on some unique and very special helpers to succeed in his quest to transcend negative occult forces and their deep state servitors.

          Nathan has set out to write a book, The Cultural Mutant’s Guide to Consensual Reality and Culture Trance. In so doing he draws on his vast reservoir of prior research and writing. But a chance encounter with a dead man puts him squarely in the center of an ultra-secret project and on the radar of intelligence agencies. His rag-tag “team” of seasoned sleuths, extraterrestrials, and one celestial advisor arm him with the requisite knowledge, wisdom and confidence to negotiate his way clear of difficulties. In the process he is initiated into fantastical esoteric realms.

          This is the story of a lovable sub-genius, whose reverence for Jimi Hendrix, love, truth, and liberty, drives his quest to uncover secret knowledge; to debug “the big questions.” As such, 23 Skiddoo rips into the inner reaches of outer space. Two accommodating ET races orient readers to past and present; alien hybrid abominations show us, trenchantly, the resilience of the creative force, viz., survival—way back beyond across the stars. The jury is out on the planet’s Luciferians; it always has been. And their “System” drones on. But is there a polar opposite System set up to counter evil, greed, perversion, and injustice? Nathan thinks so. At least he is determined to find out—as determined as the System is to contain the new contagion known as “integral consciousness.”

          Through social critique, 23 Skiddoo riffs on the efforts of “the System” to keep mind-controlled citizen-serfs in a perpetual state of dissociation. In a semiotic jumble of deduction, inference, parable, metaphor, and lucid dreamscapes, one detects a new consciousness taking hold; adaptive yet steeped in tradition, it taps into that flow of universal “juice”—a spiritual life force enabling us to recall our true human potential, able to transform and release us from this prison planet. Moreover, Nathan Sos runs a factory that produces the Dystopiex, an ET-designed disruptor for neutralizing the System’s weaponized electromagnetic waves—that’s a definite start!

          This book asks a lot from its readers. There is much to chew on here, from side forays into ayahuasca-land and meanderings into sufic lore. But for those red pill mutants willing to undertake the journey, 23 Skiddoo yields up rich rewards. It’s an ambitious work that precipitates a strangely ponderous state in readers. Want more? Go here: https://wymanwicket.blogspot.com/



ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781483450513
ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781483450537
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781483450520

Time Tweaking

In Wicket’s second thought-bomb sci-fi tale, two red pill compatriots plumb the noospheric depths. Sam Whent, the protaganist, travels to Thailand to enlist the support of his more tech-savvy friend, Bill Mansard, who has retired there. Together they build a time-travel helmet that facilitates their ability to astral travel to the akashic record, the “repository of all that has come before.”

These two horn-dog, red pill compatriots actually insert themselves into the akashic record. The helmet wearer is able to easily untether his astral body and direct it to any historical event (sometimes in a most lascivious manner). They then devise a plan to intervene and tweak a crucial point in history that will have a far-reaching future effect. By so doing they seek to rid the planet of a depraved neo-Marxism that has degenerated the West in the guise of a “progressive,” globalist, NWO con game of open borders, “diversity and multiculturalism,” and political correctness. That is, they try to “back-formulate” history, hoping to bring about a better future—i.e., a world that has not been hi-jacked, one that has not robbed humanity of its optimal potential.

Sam’s journal documents the misadventures of this six-week Thai daze. And as their stress builds, these two friends take refuge in the calming balm copiously offered there by the fairer sex. Their prurient and astral activities give rise to reflective digressions by Sam as the duo slogs through both the carnal and the astral trenches together.

Moreover, dangers lurk in the noosphere! There are unintended consequences of their “time tweaking.” These amateur inner space explorers find out the hard way that they can change, but not quite control, the course of history—that’s a job long dominated by professional controllers (as the main character knows all too well).


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781365832802

Plight of the Cultural Mutant

The past quarter-century proved to be a particularly rough and rocky road for the cultural mutant. From getting on the wrong end of political correctness at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, followed by a confused odyssey as an ESL teacher, a doctoral student, a would-be scholar and poet, pundit and constitutionalist attorney, psychedelic inner space explorer, and blues piano player—and then returning to his boyhood neighborhood only to find it irretrievably morphed and mangled. The confusion experienced during the cultural mutant’s long odyssey in the wilderness of not-knowing (precisely) the causes of his malaise, is exhaustively portrayed herein.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781365815829

Salmagundi Gallimaufry

This volume of poetry includes selected gems chosen by the author as representative of his work, taken from a “driftscape” that spans almost half a century. It’s beat poetry with existential twists that pop and sizzle, serving up a soul platter of surprises, red pill detours, and meditations for the potato head in all of us. The poems are peppered and laced with color graphics meant to be pleasing to the eye, offering respite from the text.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781365996740

Soul Enticed: Essays in Unlearning

The Roman Church has lost its institutional legitimacy. Restore your Catholic faith; discern the truth, e.g., as a Weird Task Specialist via the Sovereign Union of the Spiritual Self. Bro. Jack Suss, O4B, is a non-denominational Catholic and a recovering sinner who believes in the power of soul, love, prayer, contrition, grace, goodness, and redemption. These Essays in Unlearning just may help you to condense the way of the pilgrim from out of today’s cloud of unknowing, in a gentle move toward neo-anthroposophy—nothing short of Christianity for the mystic.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781387532117

Soul Enticed II: More Essays in Unlearning

With More Essays in Unlearning, readers tour the abyss of our socio-cultural unmaking. Unmask yourself; accept that the world is a lie. Only then might you begin to climb out of your rut, oh well-rutted friend. Bro. Jack, O4B is the tour guide. Though he morphs into “Harland” for some few essays, he gets his “Rev. Gumpus voice” back toward the end of the book. Yes, we find that even our tour guide is a clone-prose narrator afloat among images snagged from the web. And his weird task ministry—Catholic-yet-adrift—at times perilously stupefied—resiliently carries his Soul Enticed message onward.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9780359438129

Soul Enticed III: Lagniappe Essays

In this concluding installment of the Soul Enticed trilogy the emphasis is on the rugged individualism of the 21st century Christian; on the being and doing of what Jesus Christ exhorts and expects of human beings, based upon His modeling and articulation of virtue. As such it is a rediscovering of our Western, Christian roots as explicated in that integrated message system, the Holy Bible. Surprisingly for today’s “spiritual elites,” reading, studying, and apprehending Biblical wisdom turns out to be the most esoteric of undertakings. We get more adept at piercing the veils of Deep State fakery, at standing up to overt Satanic evil that has made societal inroads via the cultural Marxist agenda. Best of all we discover real love, God’s Agape love, as that which breathes life into our relationships. We can share this spirituality with others by working together on “weird tasks,” both small and large. We develop a Christ-like backbone; character and integrity that typify Christ’s catholic, mystical Church.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781678102470


Spyoptaelip the Cryptic

Spyoptaelip the Cryptic occupies a real never-never land in the soul-mind of Amos Lammon, the main protagonist. The favorite haunts of this indweller are the disordered lives of those who seek wholeness. He’s tenacious and resilient, moving through time and space with an eerie intra-beingness; a super-amalgamated acronym cypher that spans centuries and inhabits reincarnated tenant souls—soul groups—egging them on. He’s there in the late ‘90s as a cyber-discovery. He’s part guardian angel; he’s an indwelling incubation popping up in soul retrieval sessions in the early 21st century; in multiuniversity intrexor sessions, circa 2323 A.D. The book opens with glimpses into some fantastical soul regression journeys of Amos Lammon. Amos’s waking life presents many possibilities for varied experiences. Add to these some seemingly impossible detours into the imaginal realm, to include bumping up into large-looming, fictionalized, alter ego doppelgangers. Then counterpoise these as red pill adventures way beyond the normative world and you’re ready to taste the pungent, savory stew served up in Spyoptaelip the Cryptic. In his younger days Amos had agreed to undertake a covert family assignment from his grandfather that would peculiarly affect his life. He’s interested in so many things: God, current events, the Q phenomenon, the secret space program… His devotion to his faith and to his family name guide him steadily through a mad house, a spiritual house of mirrors, ending in a surprisingly beautiful denouement. Three centuries later, Soma, Amos’s spiritual heir, discovers his own calling as an historian, uncovering Amos and his dynamic work. Through Spyoptaelip the Cryptic, Soma comes to grips with his past spiritual ancestors and with planet Earth’s traumatic history, while reaffirming its blessed future. It becomes a journey of self, and of past and future history, as Soma happens upon the workings of the McGyre Group, an entity set in motion long ago by Amos. Almost by accident, Amos had established something of a royal family line with staying power, surviving the End Times and lasting down through the Millennium and beyond. Through those centuries Spyoptaelip the Cryptic flits, barely noticeable or even alive, really, in the normative sense. He’s more of a noospheric legend—a gossamer, a diaphanous anchor, a synchromystic soul presence voyaging through time and space reincarnations. The “suits of clothes” worn by a soul in each lifetime come from a portmanteau whose bodily raiment reveal the semiotics of iconic images, signs, and symbols recurring in successive ages. Shamanic-like traces are to be found in the record, in writings, books and photographs supporting the history of a people’s free will, of human actions taken within a complex adaptive system. Read and journey along through Suss and Wicket’s joint creation, Spyoptaelip the Cryptic.

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ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781716057229

Surgeirot: The Outer Limits of Inner Space

Wake Up! (Surgeirot!) Let your inner space embrace the full reach of its outer limits. Reality is waiting for you; your consciousness and discernment will guide you. Life’s good, in spite of welshers, wampum woes, and the witless, mask-wearing Puddleglums all over the place these days. What if you discovered, just as in the movie, the real world exists outside of the Matrix? It is one wherein you are not subject to the franchise corporate courts, their government, their taxes, and their control. The Appendix presents some helpful documents developed by The Maryland Assembly. Learn about the real law, American Common Law, and start an amazing journey as you begin to grok your true origins, your real history. Realize your optimal potential. The author is a Marylander, an American State National and a Weird Task Specialist.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781716133954