About The Book


Ultra was on high alert. Factions from each [ET] “tribe” had succumbed to the insane aims of Project Lobster. Neither was working with the imprimatur of their respective peoples. This project was really the brainchild of top planning, who saw it as a kind of Counter-Reformation to the dawning of a new consciousness among Earthlings. Some called it “integral consciousness.” It also went by other names: 5th order consciousness, lateral thinking, etc.

But the threat was crystal clear. Unless the elite could come up with a “higher” consciousness, they were doomed to lose the control they had enjoyed since the first bonehead banded with his brothers and declared tribal unity. It was an act of desperation, really. Containment of their master plan was in serious lapse. There seemed to be no defense to the human tendency to interpolate and exploit weaknesses, even in their overall dilapidated condition. They saw it coming, with the popularization of meditation and the re-discovery of individual sovereignty. It was a contagion that had to be stopped.

Drastic, and some would say, reckless, experiments in developing a new consciousness were needed badly or there would surely be chaos and anarchy everywhere. There must be Order!—and more than just the trappings of law and order that had kept things in check since the time of Rome.